stories from the wilder side of science

Tests & Animations

1304 Theodoric and the Rainbow (book p. 10) 
On the website of Leo Brodie you can see a nice animation of how a rainbow forms. Drag the water drop through the sunlight ans see what happens.
1620 Wood from Water (book p. 14)
An animation on the website of biologist John Kyrk shows what happens during photosynthesis.

1845 Trumpeters on the Train (book p. 31)
Visit the Fear-of-Physics-Website where you will find an interactive demonstration of the doppler effect.

1852 The Lechery Muscle  (book p. 36)
Can you distinguish a genuine smile from a false one? Find out here.

1901 Attempted Murder in the Lecture Theatre (book p. 58)
Are you a reliable eyewitness? Take the test at the website of Iowa State University.

1902 Pavlov Only Rings Once (book p. 63)
The website brainview explains classical conditioning with an animation.

1914 The Building of the Tower of Banana (book p. 75)
Watch Köhlers experiment at the PBS-website "Inside the Animal Mind".

1946 A School Dropout Makes It Rain (book p. 114)
Try making your own cloud chamber from a plastic bottle and some polystyrene blocks. Caltech physicist Kenneth G. Libbrechts wonderful website about snowcrystals answers all questions about snow you could ever think of.

1950 Be Good-natured – But Not a Sap! (book p. 128)
Play prisoner's dilemma on the web.

1967 Six Steps to Knowing Everyone  (book p. 187)
Play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon on the web.

1971 The Atomic Clock Flies Economy  (book p. 224)
An interactive animation about twe twin paradoxon.