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Posted on October 28, 2010 at 8:42 AM

I always had a knack for noticing the weird in scientific research. When I first read about Pavlov's Dogs it didn’t take me long to find out that Ivan Petrovic Pavlov holds an unusual record: no other scientific experiment has had more bands named after it than his conditioning study. I also did an informal study about the use of film titles in scientific papers (more about that and Pavlovs bands in a later post).


For more then ten years I have been writing columns (in German) about weird experiments for the magazine NZZ Folio (collected in several books - see sidebar). During this time I began to see my life and the world more and more through the lens of scientific experimentation. Rarely a day goes by without me noticing a news report, a comment by a colleague or a picture that connects to some old or unusual experiment.


This is what my new weird experiments blog is about. Have fun!

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