stories from the wilder side of science

Films 2000-

Below you will find filmclips in connection to the experiments in the books. Please note "book 1" refers to "The Mad Science Book", "book 2" to "Das neue Buch der verrückten Experimente" the second volume that has not yet been published in English (see foreign rights).

2003 Close Encounters With a Dogbot

(book 1, p. 280)

Social Behaviour of a Dog Meeting a Robot Dog
Watch the first scientifically documented meeting between a dog robot and a real dog (it didn't go well for the dogbot). Believe it or not: it lead to the formal scientific publication Social behaviour of dogs encountering AIBO, an animal-like robot in a neutral and in a feeding situation.

2006 Scenting in Stereo

   (book 2, p. 275)

 2007 Dogs (II): the Asymmetry of Wagging 

(book 2, p. 277)


2008 Hunde (III): the Great Yawn (book 2, p. 280)

 (book 2, p 280)