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Films 1900-1919

Below you will find filmclips in connection to the experiments in the books. Please note "book 1" refers to "The Mad Science Book", "book 2" to "Das neue Buch der verrückten Experimente" the second volume that has not yet been published in English (see foreign rights).

1902 Pavlov Only Rings Once  (book 1, p. 63)

Classical Conditioning: The Basics
No experiment has had more musical groups named after itthan the one Pavlov conducted with dogs: "Pavlov’s Dog and the Condition Reflex Soul Revue and Concert Choir", "Ivan Pavlov and the Salivation Army", "Pavlov’s Dawgs", "Conditioned Response", "Pavlov’s Cat" to name a few. If you want to know what all the fuzz is about watch the video.

Pavlovs conditioning even made it into a Disney film.