stories from the wilder side of science

Films 1800-1899

Below you will find filmclips in connection to the experiments in the books. Please note "book 1" refers to "The Mad Science Book", "book 2" to "Das neue Buch der verrückten Experimente" the second volume that has not yet been published in English (see foreign rights).

1894 Low-flying Cats (book 1, p. 46)

Falling Cat 1 
Physiologist und inventor Étienne-Jules Marey captured a falling cat on film - and soon after dogs, rabbits, apes and a “small, plump guinea pig” - in order to find our how they manage to land paws first. Below the fascinating original footage.



Falling Dog










Falling Rabbit 1










Falling Rabbit 2










Falling Rabbit 3










Falling Rabbit 4